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Are Heat Lamps Safe For Guinea Pigs

Are heat lamps safe for guinea pigs? That’s what we tried to let you know in this article.

Cold weather makes your guinea pigs vulnerable, exposing them to certain dangers that can lead to their death. Hot weather is equally not good for them, keep them in temperature between 17°C and 20°C if you want them to be fine. So in summary, guinea pigs do not like temperatures that are too cold or too hot, but instead of making use of heat lamps, keep reading to see what I would rather recommend.

What Is Heat Lamp?

A heat lamp is a lamp that is properly fixed with a bulb to supply heat and keep the whole place warm. These are supposed to be used in the bathroom or showers as they are always very cold, to produce heat that will make the atmosphere favorable. But it didn’t end there, heat lamps are also good for humans in time of winter but not for your little pets because they can’t control it when the heat is becoming too much.

How To Keep Guinea Pigs Warm In Winter

Keeping them warm should be the first thing to have in mind even before constructing their cages, their room should also be well insulated. Keep them warm with electric or microwavable heat pads, they are specially made for little pets like your guinea pigs. To get the best result, keep it in a hidden place where they won’t have contact with it, let them only enjoy the heat it produces. This heat produced can keep their room warm the entire night, they are certainly safe for your pets.

Cover the heat pad with the piece of fleece it came with or simply buy towels and make sure you change it whenever it becomes dirty, and make sure you choose a warmth hideouts for them that will help too.

Are Heaters Ok For Guinea Pigs?

Heaters are good for your guinea pigs provided it is not the type that produces direct light like heat lamps. This could be disastrous especially when no one is there to monitor it. A heat lamp is specifically designed for humans who can decide to switch it off whenever they start feeling uncomfortable with the room temperature, of course you know animals can’t do this themselves and that is why they need the safe type. Supply them with an electric heated pad, that’s the safest way to keep them warm.

Are Guinea Pigs Ok In Hot Weather?

Summer is always a delicate season for guinea pigs because they are vulnerable to heat too. During hot weather, you should learn to keep their environment cool by providing shade, with a good circulation of air, then provide them with enough water. Temperature over 25°C means that they are already dealing with excess heat, and as we all know guinea pigs don’t have any means of perspiration, which means they don’t sweat, and this will eventually cause some damage in their system. Ensure you provide several containers of fresh water and also foods with high water contents such as melon, cucumber, fennel, etc. All this will go a long way in keeping them at a safe temperature, serving them these fruits in smaller quantities because the remains ferments quickly and that might also cause troubles in their body.

Are Guinea Pigs Ok In Cold Weather?

Although guinea pigs handle cold more than heat, just like a human beings, they can fall sick or even die if they are exposed to excess cold. However, these are the things you should do when it starts getting extremely cold.

1. Set up a cage for them inside the house and this will give them a warm environment.

2. Provide them with partners or friends to snuggle with, guinea pigs love doing this when it’s cold.

3. If their cage is kept outside, make sure you secure it from either rain or wind by constructing a shelter and getting their cage covered with tarpaulin.

4. Keep an eye on them, monitor their weight and the way they act, and do not hesitate to take them to a vet if you discover any unusual behavior.

5. The use of pet safe snuggle pad won’t be a bad idea if the weather gets freezing, wrap this in a towel and hide it in a safe place well-positioned.

Is The Sun Good For Guinea Pigs?

Your Cavies love the sun just like every other animal, they love strolling in the sun especially when it’s cold, they might equally need that vitamin D which is gotten from the sun but unfortunately, keeping them under the direct sun will be harmful because too much heat leads to heatstroke. They must be kept away from direct sun even if you are keeping them outside, to avoid overheating.

What Is The Ideal Climate For Guinea Pigs?

Keep them in temperatures between 60 and 80°F to avoid being harmed, always make sure they are kept in between the 60 and 80°F range as they are sensitive to both cold and hot weather, so it is advisable to watch them closely and make sure that the temperature is always favorable.

Now let’s look at some of those ways that can help us keep our Cavies in the ideal climate. Keep them away from anything that produces heat such as heat lamps, direct sunlight, oven, etc. Shelter them from rain and wind, especially in cold weather, Always keep their pen neat, make sure you don’t leave food remains in there, monitor their body temperature and the way they act closely to know when they are about to fall sick, and also provide enough ventilation. Just know that they need everything that will make them healthy and comfortable to have an ideal climate.

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Cold?

Cold is natural, every living thing feels cold at some point in time, and a guinea pig isn’t different. Whenever you feel cold your guinea pigs are cold as well.
You should always be conscious of the climatic changes to know if you need to make them feel warm. Observing a change in temperature or behavioral change like dullness, or body shake is an indication that they are cold. Always make sure you prepare their cages with the right things needed and they will surely stay warm every when it’s freezing.

Can I Spray My Guinea Pig Water?

Spraying water on them might also serve as a means of preventing our guinea pigs from overheating which causes heat stroke for them. You can also decide to use a spray with water, but remember you must not put them directly into cold water, because too much cold causes different kinds of sickness in your guinea pigs and I believe that’s not what you want for them. So the answer is yes but you have to do it gently while you are careful not to spray much that will get them cold.

Does Heat Bother Guinea Pigs?

Yes it does, guinea pigs are sensitive to excess heat, and their body temperature can easily get high while being exposed to extreme heat, and this leads to different kinds of sickness such as high blood pressure. Always make sure you don’t expose them to anything that will make them feel hot because the repercussions are mighty.

How Do I Keep My Guinea Pigs Warm At Night?

Daytime might be warm while it gets cold at night depending on the season, so it’s always possible to see your cute cavies cold at night and then you need to do the needful. Bring them indoors into a more warm place, Cover their cages with blankets, make sure the cage is properly closed, then keep them warm with an electric or a microwavable heat pad. Make sure you position it in a way that it won’t give them direct heat, this way your guinea pigs will enjoy a night filled with warmth.

Do Guinea Pigs Prefer Hot Or Cold Weather?

Both kinds of weather can be conducive to them if it’s in the right temperature, although they handle cold more than heat, always make sure that they are in between the temperature range as I have shown you earlier, this will keep them in check and healthy always.


Last but not least, guinea pigs love it when they have a favorable temperature of about 17 to 20°C.
Too much cold and extreme heat will harm them, they need to keep warm in winter period but don’t do that with heat lamps because at some point the heat they produce will become excess, and of course, you know that your little guinea pigs don’t know how to off it, so this will turn to harm them instead. Use an electric or microwavable heat pad as it is advisable and safe for them.




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