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Can Dogs Eat Nashi Pears? Korean Pears | Asian Pears

We cherish our dogs so much that we want the best for them at all times, and providing them with lots of nutritious nutrition and fruits is surely some of the ways to show them that we care. Fruits are good but always have it in mind that their consumption must not be abused.

Some fruits can be added to your dog’s menu without a second thought, but these should be fruits that you have checked and confirmed their nutritional values to your dogs. Can dogs eat Nashi pears? Of course, I know you clicked on this page because you are seeking an answer to this same question, don’t worry you are at the right place.

The short answer is yes but in a small quantity and of course, it should be an occasional treat. I know you must be wondering why, so keep reading and you will find out soon.

What Is Called Nashi Pears?

Nashi pears are the same thing as Korean or Asian pears, they have a crispy texture, they originated from East Asia but is gradually spreading to other part of the world. They are crunchy, apple-like kind of pears that almost look like an apple. It has a green, brown, or yellow color with a delicious flavor. They get bruised easily, but you can still ship them to any part of the world if you can package them carefully. They can be eaten raw, baked, or roasted.

What Are Nashi Pears Good For?

Nashi pears have a lot of nutritional values that are essential to our dog’s well-being. Pears prevent our dogs from heart diseases. Due to the high concentration of fiber, pears help to reduce blood pressure, and cholesterol levels and also help keep the heart clean.

Nashi pears have a low glycemic index and this helps in controlling blood glucose levels and keeps the sugar level stable.

Nashi pears help dogs to hydrate, due to the greater amount of water in them. Supply your dogs with Nashi pears in summer and this will serve as a great way to avoid heat stroke because it will help them receive enough fluid that will sustain them.

Nashi pears have high levels of vitamins that can prevent your good friend from any kind of eye problems. It helps to prevent lung and stomach cancer due to the high level of fiber it supplies them.

What Happens To Dogs When They Eat Nashi Pears?

Think of the core of this year, where the seed sits is very hard like that of an avocado pear, and also very fibrous. And if mistakenly the whole is swallowed, it can form a foreign body that will obstruct the intestine. They can choke while eating pears unless you have to chop them into smaller sizes.

Consumption of Nashi pears is not overall bad for dogs it is not toxic to them. Nashi pears are sweet because of the sugar it contains, so keep them away from your dog if he or she is diabetic.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Pears?

Canned pears are not toxic to dogs, but they may add calories to your dogs if they are in a sugary syrup form, and this calorie can cause gastrointestinal upset. Too much sugar in a dog can cause problems in its digestive tract, and this could eventually lead to obesity. Preferably, you might resort to giving them ripe-fresh nashi pears, a few bites as a treat won’t hurt.

How To Safely Feed Your Dogs Nashi Pears

Now that you have found out that this particular fruit is not toxic to your dogs, it is time to understand how to feed them.

First of all, you need to make sure that the pear is already ripe, wash it thoroughly to remove any form of dirt or preservatives, cut it open, and remove the seed. The seed contains cyanide which is not good for your dog, so they must not eat it.

Recommend Nashi pears to your dogs while taking a walk, it will help them with hydration. You can equally give it to them as a treat but don’t forget it should be in small quantities, like twice a week.

With or without the skins, dogs can eat Nashi pears but just make sure it is ripe and clean, and don’t forget that the content of sugar in it means that too much of it can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.

What Is The Difference Between A Pear And A Nashi Pear?

You can differentiate between Nashi pear and normal pear in several ways. The first thing you have to observe is that their shape is different. Nashi pear is smaller than your regular pear, it looks round like an apple, is more crispy, and has a sweeter flavor than normal pear.

They can be cooked, baked, or even roasted, they have low fat and calories and can be enjoyed by people that want to stay healthy. They are crunchier than your regular pear and have thin skin, they can be used to make salads due to their firmer texture.

Regular pears have thicker and tougher skin, larger than a Nashi pear in size, they have a pointed tip at the end of their stem, how they ripen eventually affects their taste, and they get mushy when they overripe.

How Much Nashi Pears Should Dogs Eat?

It is always advisable to know the nutritional contents and value of what you want to feed your dogs, and equally to know if it will be safe or harmful to them especially when you are trying to introduce a new food to them.

Nashi pears are not toxic just like every other pears, this implies that you can feed them with Nashi pears but at a minimum. Fruits and vegetables are overall good for our dogs because of the nutrients they contain but it results in a different thing when you give it to them in excess.

So for this reason it will be advisable to give them a few slices of Nashi pears whenever you just feel like giving them a treat, making it part of their major meal is not advisable, so don’t fall for it.

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

The fact remains that while some fruits are toxic to dogs, some are good for them once they are given the right quantity. So right now we are going to discuss those fruits that dogs can consume and still stay safe.


They have very few percentages of carbohydrates and lots of vitamins. Cucumbers should be considered especially if your dog needs to lose weight.


Peel off the back before giving it to your dogs, the back alone could give them a serious stomach upset.

Water Melon:

This fruit contains a lot of vitamins and potassium, it has a lot of water in them and should be mostly considered during the hot season, it helps our dogs in hydration.


Make sure they are fresh peaches and cut out the pit as it contains cyanide which is not good for dogs. Don’t give them canned peaches as they may contain lots of sugar.


These berries are good for your dogs as they have lots of fiber and antioxidants. You can feed them with the fruits I listed above, but you must know that fruits are not meant to be a dog’s main meal, so learn to give them little whenever it comes to fruits.


Nashi pears are wonderful kinds of pears, that look attractive and appetizing. They have a sweet flavor, they taste really good you might also want your little pet and buddy to have a taste of what you are enjoying. But just don’t forget that they are animals while you are human, what you eat might not go well with their system. Fruits in general should only be considered once in a while. In as much as Nashi pears are not toxic, they should also be considered once in a while.




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