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Is Burning Camphor Safe For Dogs?

Having been documented in veterinary natural medicines, camphor is a product of a large evergreen tree mostly found in East Asia. It has in numerous ways been referred to as a solution to different kinds of ailments such as aching muscles, sunburn, cold sores, etc, and that is why it is commonly seen as part of the ingredients you would find in some well-known products. This has gotten some people thinking about whether or not camphor is safe for pets, and has also raised questions like, is burning camphor safe for dogs? Well, as a curious dog owner that wants the best for their pet, I guess that’s why you are here.

Burning camphor is not safe for dogs, it can be toxic and can lead to poisoning in dogs if inhaled, consumed or when it comes in contact with the skin, it, therefore producing symptoms of lethargy, irritability, vomiting, and seizure, though all these symptoms also depend on the amount of camphor in question.

Because of its negative effects on dogs, it is highly advised that you keep them far away from your little friends to be on the safer side, make sure you go for products that do not contain camphor in them.

What Is Camphor Used For?

Camphor has a very unique smell that helps stimulate nerves and provides a cure for itching, pain, and cold-related sicknesses.

While some use it in preserving their clothes from pests, others have used it to cure acne, cough, insect bites, and other conditions, but there is still no scientific proof provided to perfect these claims.

Some people have equally gone spiritual to say that burning camphor brings peace and removes every negative energy from the environment, no one knows how truthful this is but that is different people with their different beliefs.

Side Effects Of Dogs Eating Camphor 

These effects can take place when camphor is being inhaled, eaten, or rubbed on the skin, So let me break it down.

When Inhaled:

Camphor if inhaled in large quantities can become toxic to dogs and could result in poisoning. Inhaling a small amount might not be that harmful but it is better to avoid it entirely because of its negative impact.

Camphor inhaling can lead to fainting in dogs and loss of focus. So it is best you keep it away because you might not always be there to notice these signs early and things might have gotten worse before you found out.

When Taken By Mouth:

Consuming camphor could lead to death in dogs. They can consume camphor not only when they chew it directly, this can equally happen when they chew a cream or ointment containing it, but whichever way it occurred, the results can be critical.

The quantity consumed also determines how deep the injury would be, in a situation where the intake is high you should expect to see symptoms like seizure, pneumonia, depression, and burning of the throat and mouth, all of which can lead to death.

When Applied To The Skin:

Applying camphor on the skin can result in irritation and skin redness, but it becomes even worst when applied to a dog with broken skin because it can become toxic when absorbed through those broken spaces.

Products like tiger balm and ointment for muscle discomfort could expose dogs to camphor when they come in contact with them, and this can also affect their eyes due to the fumes. Little application won’t hurt, it only gets harmful when in excess.

Causes Of Camphor Toxicity In Dogs

A few things can cause toxicity of camphor in dogs, first is the nutritional content of camphor and then you think of the effects on your pets’ body system.

Licking the contaminated area of their body, absorption across the skin, ingesting products mixed with camphor, and applying to broken skin, all help to increase toxic levels.

Do Dogs Like The Smell Of Camphor?

Dogs are fond of smelling everything they see, they are curious, and camphor has this strong-unique smell that attracts even human beings, but that doesn’t make it any less harmful to the health.

So dogs might not necessarily like the smell of camphor but that habit of smelling anything they come across will always be in charge and most times this is what makes them eat things that are harmful to their health.

How Do I Know If My Dog Tastes Camphor?

Symptoms might take time to start showing and you might confuse it with symptoms of other health issues, so the best way to be sure is when you see it munching camphor or come in contact with anything containing camphor.

If you witnessed it, don’t waste time before taking them to the vet, go alongside the evidence of the chewed camphor. Camphor absorbs rapidly and for that reason, it demands immediate attention to avoid any risks that come with the symptoms.

But on the hand, if you have no evidence that it chewed, inhaled, or had skin contact with camphor, don’t waste time before contacting your vet for immediate conduction of necessary tests if you notice any symptoms, remember it is said the earlier the better.

What Should I Do If My Dog Has Camphor Poisoning?

Although medication can help remedy the situation, it is still wiser to prevent it from happening, but in case it has happened already or you are just being curious, Below are the things you should do if your dog has camphor poison.

There is no particular medicine for removing camphor toxins from the body, so you need to provide supportive care while you try to remove the substance from them. This comes first with a thorough check-up to ascertain the level of the injury it has done to the body before commencing treatment, however, the two methods below could work;

Active Charcoal:

This should be carried out, but the effectiveness depends on the quantity of camphor ingested and the symptoms you are noticing.

Gastric Lavage:

This could be done to flush out the stomach contents, but the outcome will also be determined by how long the camphor has stayed in there, plus how strong your dog is at that moment.

Note that you must not do any of these things yourself, always consult professionals for the best result possible, as your precious dog’s life could be at risk.

Recovery From Camphor Poisoning In Dogs

The recovery of dogs in a serious camphor poisoning case could take long, unlike in gastrointestinal upset which could just take hours of recovery. In a situation where the treatment was timely, the prognosis is high but you might be instructed to give your dog some special feedings for some time to heal some places that are yet to heal.

To avoid a repetition of situations like this, keep all camphor-related products and materials out of the reach of your pets at large.

Can Dogs Smell Camphor?

Dogs should stay away from camphor entirely because it is through smelling that inhaling comes in. We all know that dogs if left unmonitored will love to smell anything they see, this means that they will eventually be drawn to the dangerous compound and this could result in poisoning if much quantity is inhaled.

Is Camphor Vapour Safe For Dogs?

No, camphor vapor is not safe for dogs. Camphor is toxic to them and can poison them. Dogs love sniffing and would take in camphor vapor if allowed but that doesn’t mean it is good for them, so this is where your protection and guidance are needed, this means that their safety lies in your hands.


Dogs as the animal they are need the owner’s guidance and you must provide for them to protect them from certain dangers that come with what they eat or do in general.



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