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Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes And Gravy?

Due to our closeness with them, our Feline friends would always want to have a taste of what we ate, and most of the time they won’t stop staring at you until you make a decision, and we would always give it to them out of love and care. But the one thing we keep missing is the fact that they are not humans and must not take a bite out of everything we eat no matter the amount of pressure they apply.

However, they will always love and may probably enjoy most of the foods we eat but that doesn’t mean they are good for them. The truth remains that our body systems differ from theirs, and some things we eat might not go well with theirs.

Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes And Gravy?

First thing to remember here is that cats are carnivores and need a diet with at least 80% meat for good health, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also eat some fruits and vegetables once in a while. It’s up to us, as their owners, to conduct the study and choose the foods that are safest for them.

Yes, cats can generally eat mashed potatoes, gravy or other fruits, but this primarily depends on how they are prepared. For them to consume it and be safe, these potatoes need absolutely no spice. Simply cooked, ideally steamed, boiled, or mashed, but nothing else won’t harm them anyway. The occasional piece of mashed potatoes is okay to give to your cat, though you shouldn’t let them graze on them frequently, remember to avoid giving it to them at all cost if spices are added.

Spicy is the problem as it can cause a lot of harm, so just be aware that most store-bought mashed potatoes contain dairy products, including milk, butter, and sour cream, which are not good for cats. Since most cats are lactose intolerant, which means they can’t digest milk, consuming dairy products will probably result in an upset stomach. Also heavy in fat are dairy products. It’s true that cats require some fat in their diet, but too much might lead to stomach issues. So it’s best to leave them with the amount they get from their proper meals.

Also keep in mind that sometimes your cat can reject mashed potatoes if you feed them to them in large chunks, so here is the solution: instead, blend them into their meal. By including it in their wet or dry food, you may give them the nutritional benefits while maintaining the flavor of their preferred diet, which they love and are already used to. Avoid feeding them raw potatoes at all costs, as solanine, which is thought to be toxic for cats, is present in raw potatoes. They are really bad for cats.

Can Cats Eat Gravy?

The ingredients for gravy often include flour or cornstarch, seasonings, and meat juice. Some of them contain real hamburger meat chunks, which you can buy in stores or prepare yourself. Due to the concentration of taste enhancers included to many cat meals, many cats exhibit a predilection for the juicy portion of foods with gravy. Your cat won’t be harmed by gravy with little or no seasoning. The gravy can become extremely toxic to your cats if you add some garlic, chives, or onion, which are all members of the allium family.

However, gravy should only be consumed in moderation because it contains a lot of calories and fat and can help your cat gain weight without overeating. In reality, it has many of the same elements, including as protein, fat, water, and vitamins, that are included in wet cat food. Additionally, the gravy can keep your cat hydrated. And preparing it yourself gives you the full assurance that it is safe.

Unless you are quite certain that there is nothing in the gravy that could be dangerous to your cats or pets in general, it is better to avoid serving gravy to them to avoid aftermath problems. A few licks won’t hurt if you create it at home from scratch without those harmful ingredients.

Potatoes Dangerous For Cats

We have different types of potatoes and surprisingly not all potatoes are suitable for consumption by cats, and those are the ones we are going to discuss in this article. Potatoes, such as the white kind, might be suggested as an occasional treat for your cats but you don’t just have to go ahead and feed them with it. Therefore, read this before assuming that serving potatoes to your cat in moderation is completely safe.

1. Green Potatoes:

Green potatoes are toxic to cats. When potatoes start to turn green, they should be thrown away completely because they contain a substance called solanine. And in order to defend themselves against bacteria, fungi, or insects, potatoes develop specific substances as they get older, and these are extremely poisonous to cats. Although it is doubtful that a cat would intentionally choose to eat raw potatoes but you know sometimes animals can eat foods just for their cravings, and by doing so it can have catastrophic effects and the solanine content can also make potatoes taste harsh.

2. Potatoes That Haven’t Been Cooked (Raw)

The main negative effect of raw potatoes is that cats can’t digest them and that becomes an issue automatically. The mix of alkaloids in them makes them hazardous to cats. These alkaloids are toxic and can harm the nervous system by merely irritating the digestive tract. So it is best to avoid giving cats any raw potato parts, particularly the peel, as it might be lethal.

Seasonings To Avoid In Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

When making your mashed potatoes and gravy, you should stay away from the following:


Salts are not entirely bad, but cats don’t require as much sodium as people do. Although salt is a mineral that is necessary for optimum health, too much of it can be hazardous and should be avoided. When the body absorbs more salt than it requires, it makes the kidneys to be unable to immediately bring the blood volume back to normal, and it becomes poisonous, resulting to high blood sodium levels as a result result in muscle and nerve dysfunction. This could eventually lead to salt poisoning, which brings on symptoms like vomiting, lethargicness, convulsions, stumbling, and trembling.

Avoid Oregano, Chives, Garlic, And Onions:

Despite being common and widely available, these seasonings are extremely harmful and not recommended for cats and most other animals. Somehow they can be mild in their natural forms, but they are quite awful when they are powdered, dried, or fried. It is best to avoid them because a lot of these meals might cause uncomfortable diseases like gastroenteritis, which can cause nausea, fever, abdominal sensitivity, and vomiting, as well as inflammation of the stomach and intestines of your feline friends.


Since most cats are lactose intolerant, consuming dairy products is a problem because it is likely to irritate their stomachs. While most people enjoy giving their cats dairy—specifically, milk or cream—dairy isn’t a good option for our feline friends because it can cause constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal pain, and vomiting. Also, dairy products are particularly high in fat, however consuming too much fat might be problematic.

Can Cats Eat Mashed Sweet Potatoes?

Yes, but first read this. Although they don’t contain solanine and aren’t harmful to cats, sweet potatoes should nevertheless only be consumed in moderation by cats and not to be made a part of their everyday meal. The reason is that many human foods, including nutrient-dense sweet potatoes, may be difficult for your cat to digest.

Risks of Ready-Made Gravy:

It could be risky depending on what it is made with. The process of creating recipes is simplified by the availability of gravy in jars and sachets, especially when preparing a large feast.

However, if you are buying one for your cats, it is very important to read the ingredient list and know the ingredients inside, because most of them that are sold in jars and packets contain extra substances that gravy made from scratch does not, and most of these ingredients are dangerous to cats body system.

Things Cats Can Eat In place Of Gravy

There are many, you can give your cat a variety of nutritious substitutes for gravy. Currently, it is very simple to locate snacks and gravies made specifically for cats by a variety of businesses that are more safe.

You can utilize chicken fat, leftover fresh meat, and dehydrated meat since they can be stretched further and kept for extended periods of time making them preferable. As an alternative, getting creatively inspired by looking at some Do-it-yourself recipes on Pinterest and other online platforms.


The ingredients in mashed potatoes and gravy may influence whether cats can eat them comfortably and without any problems or not. Just as previously said, the majority of mashed potatoes and gravy are made with unsuitable for cats elements like garlic, onions, etc. However, if you make it at home from scratch and make sure you don’t add any ingredients that could be hazardous to your cats, it is quite safe for them to eat once in a while.



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