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Can Rats Have Cat Treats?

Everyone has a different idea of what and how to feed their cherished pets, but we must really be careful about what we offer...


What Attract Garter Snakes?

Native to North America, the garter snake species is dispersed all over the continent. A type of snake that belongs to the Colubridae subfamily...

Does Diatomaceous Earth Repel Snakes?

Diatomaceous earth is a type of algae that grows on the bottoms of rivers and lakes. It is a white, natural powder. The diatoms...

Can Snakes Eat Vegetables?


Guinea pigs

Tiny Black Flies In Guinea Pig Cage

Tiny black flies in guinea pig cages—well, I wouldn't assume that the hay was the source because they are likely simply residing in the...

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Is Camphor Safe For Dogs To Inhale?

To the best of your ability, avoid giving dogs any camphor-related products because doing so will help to keep them safe. When a dog...

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Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating Snake?

Dogs are lovely creatures, but if not properly looked after, they can cause a lot of trouble or consume inappropriate items. They may even...

Can A Black Snake Hurt A Dog? All You Need To Know

You should be cautious in areas where your pet can come into contact with a snake bite if you frequently take your pet outside....

Can A Black Racer Snake Kill You?

Black racer snakes are one of the few non-venomous, peaceful, and harmless snakes you can discover; they are primarily located in the southern parts...

Big Snakes You Can Have As Pets

Keeping some challenging animals as pets happens to be one of the many desires that everyone has in life. One can maintain a plethora...

Are There Any Venomous Snakes In Canada?

Canada is a country known for having over 30 species of snakes, both indigenous and otherwise, but has only recorded three deaths due to...


In essence, every animal including humans needs salt because salt is an essential mineral to the body, but as for our question of the...

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