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Can Dogs Have Lemon Pepper Wings?

Dogs are one of the few favorite pets people love to have around, they are faithful, jolly, and helpful. They have a very sharp set of teeth that makes it possible for them to eat almost anything they want including flesh. But, can dogs have lemon pepper wings? This is the question that brought us to this article today and I will try to break it down as much as I can for easy understanding.

What Is Lemon Pepper?

Lemon pepper is a seasoning made from the combination of a crushed lemon wood tree and a black pepper split. This black pepper is preferably used dry, the purpose of mixing them is to allow the Limonene (Citrus oil) to ingrain into the pepper, and that’s how the name Lemon Pepper came about.

What Is Lemon Pepper Wings?

Lemon pepper wings are gotten from a mixture of lemon pepper and chicken wings. The ingredients for preparing Lemon pepper wings include; Chicken wings, Lemon Zest, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. This might look nice to let your dog have a taste but first of all, make sure you put your dog’s health into consideration by looking into the ingredients and how they may affect your dog.

Can Dogs Have Lemon Pepper Wings?

The answer to this question is No and you are about to find out why. You should keep your dog away from lemon pepper because so many ingredients found inside it are toxic to their body and this can cause several health issues for them. Consumption of lemon pepper by dogs may lead to diarrhea and abdominal disorder which causes vomiting in the process and also damage to the liver, because of excess citric acid ingested. A very little portion won’t harm but it’s safer not to give them at all.

Can Dogs Eat Lemon Or Pepper?

Large amounts of pepper given to your dog can cause upset in their digestion, but they might be safe if you give them a small quantity.
Lemon on the other hand is not toxic when your dog consumes a little quantity, but don’t forget that even in the life of humans, too much of everything is bad, and the same is applicable here.

Can Dogs Have Lemon Chicken?

Lemon chicken was flavored using lemon juice, and the high amount of citric acid contained in the lemon juice could pose a threat to your pet’s health. Lemon chicken is so delicious and tempting with its citrus aroma, but we should be more concerned with the side effects that can harm our lovely pet.

Another reason why this is not good for our dog is that the Chicken was prepared with butter, and too much fat is another problem our dear pet might face in the process, and this can lead to death if not properly treated. Garlic and onion contain some toxic elements and as such are not good friends of your dog’s body system especially when taken in excess.

Can Dogs Eat Food Seasoned With Lemon?

Yes, they can but in moderation, because lemon is already contained in it, The dog just like every living thing needs food to stay alive, but seasoning it with lemon sets a kind of limitation on the amount of that food she can eat. This has to be considered due to the negative effect lemon has on the dog. You can consider some other fruit like oranges with low levels of citric acid which will still give you a nice aroma.

Can I Give My Dog Lemon Pepper Tuna?

Fishes contain omega-3 acid and proteins in high quantity, and that is why many dog food has fish in them. About lemon pepper, I have already said much about it so right now let’s focus on tuna. Then what is Tuna?

Tuna is a salt-water fish that comes in two forms either canned or raw. Tuna contains high levels of mercury which entered our lakes and oceans through some business activities. The mercury settles in our fishes according to their size and how long the fishes have lived, that is to say, big fish, have big mercury in it’s tissues. Tuna are large, long-living fishes and their mercury level are pretty high.

The fact that tuna contains essential nutrients for your dog’s skin and joint maintenance does not mean you should add it to your dog’s main food because the high level of mercury contained in them can cause poisoning to human beings and animals. If you must do this then try a little bite occasionally, but don’t even give your puppies the chance to have a taste no matter how little, it is not safe for them in any way.

What Happens If My Dog Tastes Lemon?

While dogs can taste lemon in a small quantity and get away with it, lemon can wear down their teeth’ enamel. They can equally cause digestive upset which can lead to different sicknesses in dogs.

When your dog tastes lemon in a high quantity it leads to some sicknesses like Rashes due to some allergic reactions, Acid indigestion due to the consumption of citrus, Obstruction might occur in the intestine depending on the dog’s size, Muscle Tremors due to the preservatives from some commercial lemon foods. You will find any of these signs and more if your dog tastes lemon, also depending on the dog’s size and the quantity it consumed.

What Do Lemon Pepper Wings Taste Like?

The natural taste of chicken wings garnished with some tasty condiments and seasoning should give you an answer to this question above.

This is quite easy to make and needs just a couple of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen already. The main item here is the wings, they are juicy, and crisp, with their unique flavor while the lemon pepper mixture is the key ingredient you need.

The lemon pepper mix consists of black pepper, salt, and lemon peel, rub it on the roasted or baked chicken wings as it produces a refreshing flavor. Its distinct flavor gives it a unique taste that is never comparable.

The lemon zest blends the whole taste with its original flavor and color while the black pepper spice up the taste and then make it look attractive.

The taste may vary based on the seasoning used, just prepare it like every other wing. To human beings, it is super safe for consumption but not for your pets.

Is Lemon Pepper A Spice Or Herb?

Lemon pepper is a spice and not an herb. It is a spice made from lemon-dried peels, ground into powder, then mixed with black pepper and a few other spices.
It’s pretty easy and better to make your own at home because it will allow you to add the right ingredients in the exact quantity of your choice. It’s a game changer and has the power to spice up your food with its lemon flavor.

Can Dogs Eat Lemon Pepper Salmon?

Salmon is a species of fish with a high level of protein, it’s a common ingredient applied in your dog food, it keeps your dog coat shiny and healthy, and it boosts the immune system because it is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid which is well needed by our lovely pets. Serving it raw to your dogs is not advisable, cook it very well before serving them to avoid small bones that can either choke your dogs or settle in their intestine and cause damage. Cooking it will also help you avoid the parasite that causes salmon poisoning diseases.

This simply means that salmon is very good for your dogs but I hope you know it becomes a different thing altogether when lemon pepper is applied on it. Your dog can only eat a little portion of the lemon pepper salmon to avoid health challenges, but it’s safe to ignore it completely.


Sometimes the things we desire to eat happen to be what we need to stay healthy. Wing is good for dogs but lemon pepper is not, so the safest thing to do is to avoid it. Although little of it might be safe but what if you mistakenly give them much, that will do them more harm than good.



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