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Best Snake Repellent Safe For Dogs

Among all animals, snakes are one of those that have the biggest populations, and they are almost everywhere. Even though so many of them are referred to as harmless and non-troublesome, some people are still not comfortable with them around. Due to the fear of being bitten, so many people don’t like to have them around their premises, and so they will keep exploring different repellent options until they succeed in chasing them all away. As a dog owner, we should be careful with the snake repellent we are spraying, as some of them can equally harm our dogs in the process. So right now we are discussing the best snake repellent safe for dogs, and I know this is what brought you to this page, so kindly read on.

Is Snake Repellent Harmful To Dogs?

This is the first question any dog owner looking to buy snake repellents should ask, as some snake repellents are harmful to dogs while the rest are not. Snake repellents like Snake-A-Way are very safe around pets. This is an easy-to-apply dry granular mixture that is lightly sprinkled around the areas you want snakes to avoid; it may be your home, garages, campsites, and so on. It is very safe for plants, humans, and all your pets in general if applied as directed.

Going through the content label is the first step to getting the best snake repellents for dogs out there, and then following their instructions during sprinkling is the second step. Getting EPA-registered products will be the best, as this means they are already approved and will not have negative effects on people, pets, or plants. When you always go for products that have no toxic glues or harmful chemicals, that’s when you can rest assured that the people and things you care about will all be safe. So in summary, while some snake repellents are safe for dogs, some are not.

Is Snake Stopper Snake Repellent Safe For Dogs?

Snake Stopper is one of the snake repellents on the market that has many positive customer reviews. I haven’t used it myself, but many have written positive things about it. It has natural ingredients that produce a strong smell that chokes and irritates snakes without hurting them and triggers them to run away for fresh air. But just like other dog-safe snake repellents on the market, this product is also safe for dogs when used as directed on the content label.

Best Snake Repellents Safe For Dogs (Sprays And Granules)

Here are our top recommended dog-safe snake repellents in the market.

1. Victor Snake Away – Outdoor Snake Repellent Granules

Victor Snake-A-Way is a type of snake repellent and probably one of the most effective among them. It is actually safe to be used around people, plants, and animals, and it provides a reliable and long-lasting
solution for repelling snakes.


> Heavy rain stops it from working effectively, and it must be reapplied after heavy rainfall.
> Gloves and a nose mask are important during application to avoid inhalation.
> It has a very strong odor, which is unpleasant for snakes.


> It is fully registered and recognized by the EPA.
> It works on almost all species of snakes.
> Its effectiveness lasts for a very long period of time.
> It can be applied to very large acres of land.

This product is in high demand and is our go-to, with a lot of positive results. On Amazon alone, it has accumulated over 9,000 reviews, with mostly 5-star recommendations from users.

Every effective snake repellent must have a very strong odor, and this is one main feature of Victor Snake-A-Way. It’s granules help disorganize a snake’s sensory organ, thereby chasing the snake away in search of fresh air. long-lasting snake repellents that can protect the applied area for up to 2 months and still counting, except if there is heavy rainfall, then you have to reapply for the best results. However, you may have to deal with the temporary discomfort from its strong odor, but the effects on snakes outweigh it all.

Overall, the Victor Snake-A-Way snake repellent is a must-try and an everlasting solution to the troubles caused by these slithering animals. It is a perfect larger area for protecting repellent, as it is capable of covering more than 1 acre of land. This is quite impressive.

2. Pufado Snake Repellent – For Home And Yard

Pufado Snake Repellent, just like every other recommended repellent on this list, is a dog-safe snake repellent and an effective choice for chasing away snakes, making it another sought-after product.


> Safe for both human beings and pets
> Its combination of natural ingredients deters snakes.
> Works in both indoor and outdoor locations


> Its effectiveness may differ depending on the snake species.
> It has a very strong odor that may be overpowering.
> The repellent comes in pouches; another interesting thing about it is that it makes it convenient to be placed around your targeted areas without causing any harm to people or things you are protecting.
> It lasts a long time and only requires reapplication every 3 months.

Instead of sprinkling granules in difficult areas, all you have to do with Pufado Snake Repellent is throw these pouches directly into your desired positions, which is easier.

The strong scent can be too much to deal with, especially if used in an enclosure, but it is very effective and worth the whole trouble, as this is the weapon with which it chases snakes away entirely. Don’t forget to reapply every 3 months maximum to renew it’s effectiveness, as the scents tend to fade away over time.

Pufado Snake Repellent is overall a reliable solution that will do its work while your pets and kids remain safe, but that’s only if you can cope with the strong smell. It is popular and accepted because its combination of natural ingredients makes it possible for people and things around them to be safe.

3. Safer 5951 Snake Shield Granular Repellent 

Long-lasting, dog-safe snake repellents are also known for their effectiveness. It is a well-known and recommended snake repellent for anyone who wants to entirely do away with snakes in their home.


> It is entirely safe for pets, people, and plants in the same area.
> Known for its effectiveness against different types of snakes
> It’s long-lasting, and its resistance to disturbing weather is alarming.


> Easy to apply; just spread it carefully across your targeted areas after shaking the bag properly.
> Reapply after heavy rainfall for the best results.
> It chases away snakes without harming them, people, or other animals in the process.

This is a beautiful product, but you will have to deal with reapplying after heavy rain, and again, it may not be too good for indoor use.

4. Exterminators Choice РSnake Dense Spray 

This is a dense spray specially made to deter common snakes from our properties. It is a very effective and reliable choice that is also pet-safe.


> Super safe for both outdoor and indoor usage
> Nontoxic and safe to be used around kids and pets
>It’s effectiveness is mostly on common snakes.


> It has a very strong cinnamon scent.
> You will have to reapply after 3 weeks, maximum.
> Its effectiveness is disrupted in wet conditions.
> It has a less strong odor and may need to be reapplied frequently.

Most snake repellents are known for their strong odor, which they use to make snakes uncomfortable and chase them away in search of fresh air, but the case is different with Exterminators Choice as they don’t have a very strong odor. They are made with cinnamon, peppermint oil, and cloves.and are mostly recommended for common snakes but are safe for kids and pets.

5. Ortho Snake B Gon1 – Snake Repellent Granules

Keeping snakes away entirely while at the same time keeping your home safe is the goal, and Ortho Snake B Gon1 is the solution. It ensures the safety of your pets and your kids, as it helps eradicate snakes.


> Light smell, neither offensive nor strong
> Covers a large area of more than 1,400 square feet.
> Prevents snakes from entering your targeted scene.


> Not for use where there are plants meant for consumption, as it can polute them.
> Effectiveness may entirely depend on location.
>Frequent reapplication may be required, especially after rainfall.

Ortho Snake B Gon1 repellent is an easy-to-use type and is particularly for keeping snakes away from targeted areas without putting your kids and pets at risk. It doesn’t have an offensive smell, which makes it less discomforting. It is a great choice for home owners looking to cover a large area, as they can cover up to 1,400 square feet. For the best result, you should reapply after heavy rainfall or whenever you notice snake activities again. Not for use around plantations or vegetable gardens because they might polute them.

Final Thought

Snakes are one of those animals that have the biggest populations, and they are almost everywhere. Even though so many of them are referred to as harmless and non-troublesome, some people are still not comfortable with them around. Due to the fear of being bitten, so many people don’t like to have them around their premises, and so they will keep exploring different repellent options until they succeed in chasing them all away. There are dog-safe repellents and that’s what I have tried to show you in this article.



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