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Is Victor Snake Away Safe For Dogs?

The truth is that most snakes are harmless and hardly bite, but at the same time, we are likely already aware of the threat snakes may bring to both us and our animal friends. So that’s why, when selecting any solution to ward off snakes, it is normal that we try to repel snakes from our environment the right way. Finding a snake repellent that is safe for your pets and effective at the same time might be difficult, despite the fact that there are a ton of options available, and that’s indeed the challenging part. But the good news is that there is a snake repellent available (Snake-A-Way), which is one of the best and safest substitutes for natural snake repellents that you may have tried but were ineffective. They can efficiently ward off snakes without endangering our pets. But what about Victor Snake-A-Way, which is a highly sought-after snake? Is Victor Snake-A-Way safe for dogs? Maintain your composure since this essay will tell you everything you need to know about Victor Snake-A-Way.

Is Victor Snake Away Safe For Pets?

The major determinant of whether this will work or not lies not just in the product itself but also in who is using it. You must follow the instructions on the label before use, and when you do as directed, Victor Snake-A-Way is completely safe for use around people, animals, plants, and the entire environment. If snakes are slithering around areas you routinely use, using the Victor Snake-A-Way Snake Repellent is an efficient way to get them to leave and never come back in a very long while. As you may have known, it is a dry granular mixture that is simple to use and may be sprinkled liberally around buildings such as houses, garages, trailers, camp sites, and cabins where you intend to secure them. It can last up to three months after sprinkling. This product may be harmless to use around people or pets, but nevertheless, swallowing, inhaling, or absorbing it through the skin are all dangerous actions and may have some repercussions. So the skin, eyes, and clothing should all be kept away from direct contact.

What Is The Main Ingredient In Victor Snake-A-Way?

Just like every other product out there, there must be these ingredients that serve as the backbone of this product. Sulfur and naphthalene, both of which are known to deter snakes, are the main ingredients of Victor Snake-A-Way, along with other minor ingredients. This snake repellent is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and contains the active chemicals naphthalene and sulfur, which snakes hate so much. This implies that once used as instructed, it won’t have an impact on either people, your pets, or the environment at large. About a decent amount of naphthalene and sulfur are elements in the mix doing this great job. Naphthalene, however, is also the primary component in moth balls, which is widely regarded as one of the most popular and effective snake repellents for people who can’t afford to buy any commercial treatments.

How Does Victor Snake Away work?

Very simple and straight to the point. You must tightly connect the sprayer head to the garden hose before you start doing anything. Then you crank the hose on fully and crank the knob clockwise to the ON position to enable outflow of the product when spraying. Apply the granules to the perimeter of the area that needs to be protected while wearing gloves and a nose mask to avoid direct body contact or inhalation. The auxiliary olfactory sense organ of the snake picks up Victor Snake-A-Way and interferes with its sensory reception, and that’s how it works. While spraying your targeted scene, which is the general area where you are seeing snake activity, it can treat about 500 square feet at once and then cover a 6-inch-wide band surrounding the area in question. Disorientation is brought on by Victory Snake-A-way, which, it seems, prompts the snake to crawl away in search of fresh air; otherwise, it might die.

Why Does Victor Snake-A-Way Work?

The right and powerful ingredients are the keys to effective products. Victor Snake-A-Way repellents contain specific ingredients chosen for their repellent properties, and that’s the sole reason why they are effective. Then the next thing is the part of the snake that it has effects on. This snake repellent granular product is so effective on snakes because it targets the method snakes rely on most to find prey: smell. Some common ingredients used in manufacturing it include essential oils, sulfur, and naphthalene. These substances produce odors that snakes don’t like, and that’s why they take to their heels whenever they perceive them, causing them to avoid the treated area. The formula overwhelms snakes’ sense of smell, causing them to slither away to a safer place in search of fresh air, or else they might die in the process.

How Long Does Victor Snake Repellent Last?

It’s a registered product under the EPA for reliable rodent control. This product is recommended and is highly sought after by people who have tried it in the past and were impressed. The first thing to take into consideration before trying to find out how long it lasts is how and where it was applied. An effortless way to apply this dry granular combination is to lightly sprinkle it around camp sites, residences, garages, cabins, trailers, or every other place you want to stop snakes from visiting. It can be spread around the perimeter of the place you want to protect, and like I said earlier, it lasts for two to three months. Try to apply it when you have a bright day, as heavy rain will prevent Victor Snake-A-Way repellent from being effective, and it will need to be reapplied. But if there is light rain, you don’t have to worry as it will not affect it. However, for some stubborn snakes, like garter snakes, the bands should be 4-5 inches broad, and for rattlesnakes, they should be 8–12 inches wide. And you should reapply every two to four weeks for the optimum benefits. Kindly make sure you follow the product description for the best results.

What Is The Best Time To Put Down Victor Snake-A-Way?

There is always a best season for everything in this life in order to produce a great result. The three seasons where snakes are most active are spring, summer, and fall, so listen attentively to know the right time to target. Applying in the fall will aid in preventing snakes from finding a place to hibernate throughout the winter, and that’s not the best time. For best results, Snake Away should be applied during the spring and summer, when snakes are most active, to deter them from entering the yard area. Victor Snake-A-Way is built to repel all snake species, as none is excluded, although sometimes the effectiveness of snake repellents depends on how careful you are while applying the substance.

How Often Should You Apply Victor Snake-A-Way?

It might depend on how many snakes are found in that area. In locations where there is a lot of snake pressure, further treatments could be necessary to make sure all are gone. Use repellent at a rate of 1 pound per 100 square feet every 2-4 weeks to maintain control until you notice they don’t come around anymore. All along the place you are interested in, spread Snake-A-Way. It needs to be reapplied after heavy rains if, unfortunately, the rain falls in the process or immediately after sprinkling, but it still functions in mild rain. It is also suggested to reapply Victor Snake-A-Way for best results if, for any reason, the odor fades because the product’s potency might have been affected, and as you know, it’s the strong odor that chases snakes away.

Can You Put Victor Snake-A-Way In Your House?

That’s not a bad idea. It is possible to apply Snake-A-Way repellant both inside and outside. But for an effective result, any substance you used in the basement needs to be removed, and you should apply it around your home’s perimeter according to the directions on the label. I still maintain that you must follow them. Spread the repellent liberally around any areas you want to keep snakes away, including flowerbeds, sheds, garages, cabins, and trailers, whether inside or outside, for the best effects. Shake the grains in bands or all around an area after opening the container. With all these, you are good to go.


We are likely already aware of the threat snakes may bring to both us and our animal friends, but don’t be in a haste when selecting any solution to ward off snakes, as it is normal that we try to repel snakes from our environment the right way by putting ourselves and our pets’ safety into consideration. And in your quest of finding the best product, Victor-Snake-Away is one of the safest substitutes for natural snake repellents that you may have tried but were ineffective. They can efficiently ward off snakes without endangering our pets in the process. But you must follow the instructions and guidelines on the product label for effective result.




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