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Is Burning White Sage Safe For Dogs?

Formerly used as a herb, or as a cooking ingredient to spice up taste with its smoky flavor, White sage is now a renowned tool used for spiritual purposes.

But out of curiosity, some want to know more about white sage and every other thing it is used for, and that brings us to today’s topic which says Is burning white sage safe for dogs? Well, you will get the answer in the next paragraph, including answers to every other question you have about sage.

Burning white sage is not safe for dogs because it contains a toxic substance called thujone which can cause paralysis, seizures, brain damage, delirium, and death when inhaled in large quantities.

What Is White Sage?

This is also known as salvia apiana, sacred sage, or the bee sage, it is an evergreen perennial shrub from northwestern Mexico. The whitish evergreen leaves are 1.5 meters tall and 1.3 meters wide, and they keep on for the whole year. They are attractive to bees, thickly covered in hair, and produce a strong aroma. They trigger oil glands and release oil and resins when rubbed.

White sage is used as a nutritional ingredient in a stable food, the seed can be used to make gruel and biscuits when mixed with wheat flour and sugar. Tea is made from the root, used by women for healing and strength after childbirth.

What Is Sage Used For?

Although there is not much scientific proof to all these claims, sage is believed to have helped in problems related to the brain which are caused by chemical imbalances, it does this by improving memory and thinking skills. It also serves as a cure for sore throat, lung cancer, sunburn, and for pains after surgery.

It reduces high levels of cholesterol in the body, it improves symptoms of menopause and sleep problems. It may also help in fighting headaches, inflammation, and depression, and some people also use it to get rid of negative feelings.

Is Burning White Sage Safe For Dogs?

While consuming sage in moderation is safe for dogs, burning it around your pup is not a nice idea because of some health-related reasons. The dog’s nose is very sensitive to smells and the strong fume coming out from sage can damage their sense of smell or possibly cause lung irritation, this could happen as a result of overstimulation of smoke.

It can be safe when you are burning sage in an open place, burning it in a well-ventilated place that can let in and let out air while your dog is there will be preferred because it will help the smoke not to cluster in one place and from a thick fume that can be harmful to your lovely pets.

Quickly move your dog to a safe place if you notice any kind of sneezing or any other kind of reaction, a well-ventilated area will do just fine.

Health Benefits Of Sage For Dogs

Aside from being safe and having a nutritional value, sage has other essential health benefits when added to your canine friend’s diet, which includes;

Contains High Vitamins And Minerals

Sage are highly rich in Minerals, this mineral helps in building strong bone, and strong teeth, and controls body fluids both inside and outside cells turning the foods they eat into energy. They are also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E, and these vitamins help in keeping dogs’ nerves healthy, and also give them healthy blood clots.

Anti Inflammatory

Sage contains anti-inflammatory compounds due to its possession of rosmarinic acid which reduces symptoms of seasonal allergies and also cures several other sicknesses in dogs.


You need antibacterial to fight off infection and fungi, and sage has enough antimicrobial that can destroy harmful organisms that develop them.

General Benefits Of Burning White Sage

Burning white sage has different meanings to people that are doing it depending on what they wish to achieve. Here are some of the possible reasons behind the act;

Serves As Spiritual Warfare

Burning white sage for spiritual purposes has been an old practice, and they believe it is used to connect to the spiritual realm. Traditionalists burn them for healing purposes and also to solve spiritual problems.

It is decontaminating

Sage helps in fighting bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause infections in our pets. Burning white sage has been proven to be insect repels for quite some time now.

Helps In Mood Improvement

Some research and traditionalists suggest that burning sage lifts one spirit and ejects negativity. They also believe that it is a remedy for treating depression and anxiety with a mood disorder.

It Helps Improve Sleep

White sage contains compounds that could ease sleeplessness, burning sage has been traditionally used to fight anything that can hinder one from sleeping properly.

It Creates An Inspiring Atmosphere

Sage is a chemical-free odor controller that has this pure incense aroma that can conquer every bad odor in the environment leaving you with a fresh breath.

It Helps To Boost Awareness

Burning sage can help improve your mood, memory, and focus by removing every negative mindset through the effect it has on the environment.

How To Safely Feed Your Dog Sage

Moderation is the key, Sage is not toxic to dogs when you give it to them as a treat on an occasional basis only, so here are some of the things to consider before your dogs can have sage without any negative effects.

1. Introduce it to them slowly and in the very small quantity possible, then watch how their body reacts towards it. Excess intake of sage can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other health issues.

2. Put your dog’s size into consideration, as this is another important factor that will determine how sage affects your dog, both fresh and dry sage apply to this notice.

3. Preparing the sage properly is also very essential. Chop fresh sage or sprinkle a pinch of the dried leaves, add a little of it to their diet, and watch out for any symptoms that might occur. If it does, stop them from eating the food immediately while you call the vet.

In all these safe ways mentioned above, always remember that dogs are different and this can lead to them not liking the same things.

What Herbs Are Unsafe For Dogs?

Being aware of the ingredients contained in the foods we give to our dogs is always important in keeping them happy and healthy. We have to be careful because most times what we think is good for them might end up not being when properly checked. While sage might be a great addition to your dog’s diet, several other herbs can be harmful and should be avoided.

Some of these toxic herbs are as follows;


Onion contains thiosulfate which is poisonous to dogs, both dried or fresh onion can cause stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe damage to the red blood cell when ingested. Other symptoms include nausea, drooling, lethargy, an increase in heart rate, and oral irritation.


Both lavender and every essential oil containing it has linalool in them which is toxic to dogs when swallowed. This can cause severe reactions that can result in constipation, shock, loss of appetite, fever, abdominal pain, and difficulty in breathing.


Nutmeg can cause serious harm if consumed by a dog, from severe upset stomach to damage to the nervous system.


Garlic can cause symptoms like depression, rapid breathing, excess salivation, blood in the urine, abdominal pain, rapid heart rate, and loss of appetite, all because of damage to the red blood cell as a result of its toxicity.


This is one of the herbs you would want your dog to avoid at all costs because it can lead to bleeding in dogs when consumed. Other symptoms include anorexia, vomiting, dermatitis, diarrhea, etc.


White sage is not poisonous to dogs as they can enjoy it in moderation, but your dog should not stay anywhere close to a burning white sage because the fume can be poisonous if inhaled in a large amount, so this means overall white sage is not safe for dogs.



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