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Can Dogs Eat Acorn Shells?

Don’t be surprised to see acorn nuts scattered under oak trees whenever you are taking a walk with your dog, it is a normal thing. Some drop when they are already mature to allow new ones to come out while some fall with the help of squirrels. They may fall while they are still green which may be a result of stress related to the weather. But can dogs eat acorn shells? That is the question some people are asking. Are they poisonous? Just keep reading and you will find out all of that right away.

What is Acorn?

Acorns are nuts produced by oak trees, it usually contains one seed in them (two seeds in rare cases). Acorn is surrounded by a woody cupule and has a leathery tough shell.

Acorn looks green before maturity but could be dark brown, light brown, or chestnut red when they are mature. Their maturity happens between 6 months to two years. They serve as food to wild lives, it equally helps some animal add weight.

Can Dogs Eat Acorn Shells?

The answer is No. Acorn contains a tannin acid right in the shell and this acid is poisonous to your dogs. It can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and blockage in the intestine due to its hard nature. Acorns can equally lead to kidney damage or death if consumed in a large quantity.

How Many Acorns Are Toxic To Dogs?

The best thing is to stop them from eating it at all because you don’t know the amount of tannin acid contained in one acorn. So this way it is impossible to know how many they will take before they can fall sick. Green or unripe acorn contains a higher level of tannin compared to ripe ones. The size of your dog, the amount consumed, and if they are healthy before, all these factors will also contribute immensely to how it will affect your dog.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Acorn?

You should notice a sign of ill health, but no one is sure how soon this will start, as it depends on how much tannin it has taken into their body or if it had swallowed the whole acorn to cause blockage in their tract.

But there are symptoms you should be looking to see in your dogs if they ate acorn, and here are a few of them:




•Stomach Upset


•Kidney and liver Damage (Your dog might start experiencing hydration, a change in intake of water)

Always note that this symptom can as well occur in other sicknesses that are not caused by acorns, so consult your animal doctor whenever you see any of these signs to ascertain what is wrong with your friendly pet.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Acorn?

Dogs are a set of animals that are always curious, and this will make them taste whatever they find attractive. So they could eat acorns when they come across them.

Gastrointestinal upset is the most common thing to observe when your dog eats acorns. Have your dog eaten them already or you are just taking precautions? Whatever the case may be, you are right to look out for them before it becomes too delinquent.

Contact your vet if you notice any sign of gastrointestinal upset such as diarrhea or vomiting, first to confirm the cause of the ailment then next to give them immediate medication.

A big oak tree can produce about 10,000 acorns in one year, and when it’s time to fall, they will start falling eventually, so there is no safer way to handle this situation than to prevent your dogs from eating them.

How To Stop My Dogs From Eating Acorns

If you have an oak tree in your compound, the best thing you should do is cut it down because you can’t be there all the time to monitor them so they don’t have to eat them.

But if you don’t have the tree right there in your compound, chances are you might find it down the street. If you are going for a walk with your dog through the oak tree path, a basket muzzle could work. You could also bring along a chew toy to keep their mouths busy.

Other Tree Nuts That Dogs Should Avoid

Different tree nuts pose dangers to our dogs, especially those with a hard shell. This might as well choke them if swallowed without being chewed adequately. Different nuts contain various acids that might be dangerous to our dogs, some contain too much fat, while some can contain toxic dispositions, and all of this can cause seizures or obesity in our dogs.

Here is a drop-down list of different nuts that our dogs should avoid because of their dreadful effects on dogs.

Cashew Nuts:

Cashew nuts might not be toxic for dogs but the fact that they contain excess fats means they should only be in moderation because excessive intake of fatty diets can cause pancreatitis in dogs.


Pecans are toxic to dogs and should be kept far away from them. They contain aflatoxin which is often produced by food molds and can cause liver damage, pecans also contain juglone which is a compound found in the husks of walnuts. Although this is used as a dye and colorant for its herbicidal properties, it can cause vomiting in dogs which is a result of tummy aches. Their extremely hard shell is also another big factor to consider before giving it to them.


Almond is not good for your dog’s consumption because of some of its negative effects. Almond if swallowed whole could lead to obstruction in the small intestine or in the stomach as a whole. Gastrointestinal upset and possible water retention are other things that could be discovered if a dog swallowed an almond. It contains salt which is also not good for dogs.

Maroochi Nuts:

These fruits are not healthy for dogs as it leads to a lack of coordination, depression, and overheating. Research has it that it rarely affected cats, but to be on the safer side give it to them in moderation.

Green Almond (Pistache):

They might not be toxic but their size is much that even though you remove the shell it can still choke your dog so easily, pistachio should not be fed to dogs.

The list might not be complete because no one knows it all, so just know that not every nut that is not on this list is safe for your dogs, always make your research before feeding your dogs any nut you are not familiar with to avoid complications.

Is Acorn A Symbol Of Good Luck?

Everyone has their opinions about a particular thing in life, and whatever one believes in is what works for them. Some people said that wearing an acorn stops aging, others said that it is a symbol of good fortune, power, and prosperity. No one knows if these things are true but who knows, there might be an atom of truth in these claims.

Can Dogs Eat Acorns Squash?

You may be asking this question because your dog is always trying to have their way while you are preparing it right inside your kitchen, or have they already taken some bites?

Well, you have nothing to worry about, acorn squash is very safe to feed your dogs. The nutritional values are great and so this could be used as a treat. It is a great source of vitamin A to assist cell growth and skin glow. It also helps in keeping your dog’s eyes in good condition as it contains beta-carotene.


Dogs can be a handful sometimes, but this doesn’t mean we should overlook them. They can’t help but snuffle a lot, and that’s why you need to keep an eye on them before they will end up eating something harmful.



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